I Believe:

  • Strong families are the answer to many of society's ills.

  • Big government and high taxes ruin prosperity.

  • Government should be simple and humble.

  • In frugality.

  • That freedom is better than coercion.

  • In making promises I can keep. The government should make promises it can keep.

  • In all the education we can afford. The only way to get more money into education is for there to be more money- through economic progress.

  • The more you expect government to solve, the more it has to control. Down that path you get a large and controlling government.

  • Love is the greatest power in the universe. Think of the parent-child bond, or the teacher-student bond. Government agencies cannot love like this; you cannot institutionalize compassion.

  • That starting a government bureaucracy is like inviting a baby elephant to live in your family's log cabin.

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Paid for by: Tom Burnett, Republican Candidate for the Montana State Legislature
Treasurer, 4143 Rain Roper Drive, Bozeman, MT 59715