Questions I Always Ask

How much will it cost?

For how long? (When will it “sunset”?)

Could this thing spiral out of control?

Who pays?

Who benefits?

Is the person paying the same as the person benefiting? (This tests for application of the user pays principle.)

Is there any subsidy to the rich or the middle class?

How are marriages and families affected?

Are we creating a class of dependents?

Will the bureaucracy grow? New employees? New funds? New offices? New tasks assigned them?

Have we funded the maintenance costs, or are they going to lurk behind the scenes for an unpleasant presentation down the road a few years?

Are we forcing others to spend money? (Unfunded mandates from Washington, D.C. and Helena.)

Is it constitutional?

Is it in harmony with the principles of the great American founding?

What are the possible unintended consequences?

Is it right?

Is there a voluntary, market, non-coercive solution instead of a centralized, regulatory, solution?

Are we sure a problem exists?

Who is driving the agenda? What are they really trying to achieve?

Is this within the scope of “limited government”?

Who is fishing for a public relations advantage?

When will this meeting end?

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