As we prepare to exercise our franchise between today and Nov. 4, I encourage voters to consider the candidacy of Tom Burnett, running to represent HD 63, (this endorsement was written when I was running in HD 63- as of 2014, I am running in HD 67), in the state legislature.  Tom can speak for himself (and has) on matters of policy and principles.  He has a website at that is a good place to start.  I can speak personally on his character and leadership qualities.
In the years since I have known him I have observed him in personal relationships and leadership positions.  The first word that comes to my mind is "dependable".  Tom makes and keeps commitments.  I have always found him to be scrupulously honest.  His word is good and he can be counted on.  He has been a leader in church, volunteer, and civic organizations, holding positions of trust that required good judgement, discretion, confidentiality with personal information, and responsibility with other people's money, all of which he exhibits.
Woody Allen famously said, "80% of success is showing up."  I don't know what percentages Mr. Allen would give for excellence, but Tom does much more than show up. He comes with energy, motivation, creativity, and an inquisitive mind.  He gives more than another 20%, and is more than successful.  I would call him "excellent".
Tom embodies the ideal of the citizen legislator; he has a great spirit of volunteerism and service, which he has repeatedly demonstrated to me through his actions.  He is also loyal, a trait undervalued in modern American culture.  He has a strong sense of duty and will be a loyal public servant for HD 63.  I believe he is right for Montana.
                         J. Lewis Fox
I met Tom Burnett when we first came to Bozeman in 1996. He has done work for us professionally at Marathon Seat Covers, served as a scout leader for our son, and been a personal friend. I have observed him for more than a decade and have found him to be a loyal friend and impeccably honest. I have seen him practice fiscal prudence and restraint in his personal life and over private funds for which he was responsible. He is a listening leader who learns as much as he can about a subject before making a decision or stating an opinion. The past several years I have seen him expend a great deal of effort to inform himself on constitutional and government matters, interviewing many elected and appointed officials in many aspects of our state government. I feel he has prepared himself well to protect the interests of Montanans in Helena.
Michael C. Jones, D.C.



I have never before donated to a political cause, rather donated to charitable organizations. However, your editorial on Montana families and government, and our ensuing conversations impressed me, to make an investment for the families of Montana. Thanks for working hard to make a difference. - R. Darrow


Once again, thank you very much Tom, and the best of all luck in your bid for a seat in the House of Representatives.

You have a kind and generous heart.

I hope the people of Montana have the good fortune to have you represent them and enrich their lives for many years to come. - Steven K.


Tom, I haven't been this excited about a political campaign since voting for Ronald Reagan in the 1980's! And what's this with only being able to contribute $130 to your campaign? I can't contribute $500? - A. Clark


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Paid for by: Tom Burnett, Republican Candidate for the Montana State Legislature
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