Why am I running?

I am excited to serve in the legislature for two reasons. First, to get our fiscal house in order. Government finances are frankly a mess. Second, to create the conditions for a new prosperity. That means getting the incentives right for job creation and business formation, for solid economic growth. I’m convinced Montanans want these things, our fiscal house in order and solid economic growth. Wouldn’t it be nice to have business leaders in the legislature to accomplish these things? It’s an exciting possibility! Let’s get Montana back to work.

 Why you should vote for me:

Business experience is needed to solve the serious financial problems the state faces. The insights of entrepreneurship and management are in short supply in the House. I’ve started seven small businesses. Creating a business-friendly environment can best be done by people who’ve been there, who’ve started and grown businesses and created jobs. I advocate for capitalism, growth and prosperity.


I own guns. I’m a member of the NRA. They endorse me. My support for the right to bear arms is real, not theoretical.


I’ve lived in the Gallatin Valley for 44 years. I know your neighborhood and many of  you and your families. I actually knock on your door. I care enough to know you. I listen. I serve as a volunteer in Boy Scouts, Sunday School, Habitat for Humanity, Family Promise, and in the past, on government boards.


I am a fan of and a graduate of the local primary and secondary schools and graduated from MSU. I put my concern for the education of children into action by mentoring and as a volunteer math teacher in schools.


I’m asking for your vote. I’m excited to serve you!


Tom Burnett

 Paid for by Tom Burnett for Legislature, 4143 Rain Roper Drive, Bozeman, MT 59715. Republican.


Questions I Always Ask

How much will it cost?

For how long? (When will it “sunset”?)

Who pays?

Who benefits?

Is the person paying the same as the person benefiting? (This tests for application of the user pays principle.)

Is there any subsidy to the rich or the middle class?

How are marriages and families affected?

Are we creating a class of dependents?

Will the bureaucracy grow? New employees? New funds? New offices? New tasks assigned them?

Is it constitutional?

Is it in harmony with the principles of the great American founding?

What are the possible unintended consequences?

Is it right?

Is there a voluntary, market, non-coercive solution instead of a centralized, regulatory, statist solution?

Are we sure a problem exists?

Who is driving the agenda?

Is this within the scope of “limited government”?

Who is fishing for a public relations advantage?

When will this meeting end?


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Paid for by: Tom Burnett, Republican Candidate for the Montana State Legislature
Treasurer, 4143 Rain Roper Drive, Bozeman, MT 59715